Sammakkokangas Ltd

Sammakkokangas Ltd. is a regional solid waste management company established in 2003 and owned by eight municipalities in central Finland. These shareholder municipalities are: Kannonkoski, Karstula, Kinnula, Kivijärvi, Pihtipudas, Saarijärvi, Uurainen, Petäjävesi, Hankasalmi, Multia, Viitasaari and Äänekoski.

All of the shareholder municipalities have a member at the company's board of directors. The municipalities also own the company and their share is bound to their population. The overall population of Sammakkokangas' region is about 62 400 (2020).

Company's revenue was 4,2 million euros in year 2019.Company's premises include office and waste management center.

Office is located in the center of Saarijärvi city and waste management center (a.k.a Sammakkokankaan jätekeskus) is situated roughly 12 km North from Saarijärvi.

Sammakkokangas has also at least one waste reception station in every owner municipality. To these stations citizens can drop off dangerous, recyclable and electric waste. In addition company has 130 waste collection points in its area. These points receives for example paper, glass and metal for free.

In all company has 9 employees, 3 in the waste management center and 6 in the office. Company's CEO is Outi Ruuska, Service Manager Tero Hiekkavirta and chairman Raimo Strandram. The office takes care of information, invoicing and subsidiary ledger.

Company's main tasks are information, receiving, processing and recycling of community waste but also development of its own action. Company follows legislation and national goals inside the branch.

In the future Sammakkokangas plans to invest in burning of mixed waste and it is a shareholder in Riikinvoima Ekovoimalaitos (waste incinerator) which will start its action in December 2016.

Company has also discussed that office will move to the same place with waste management center. This way customers could run all their errands at once.